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Is Geek Squad That Incompetent? Really?

Is Geek Squad That Incompetent? Really?

Posted On October 22, 2016 by Joe Abramajtys

Is the Geek Squad That Incompetent? Really?


Less than a year ago I purchased a 17 inch Lanovo Laptop computer as a nod to my weakening sight. I bought the machine on line from the company and within two months I returned it to have a new hard drive installed. At the six-month anniversary, my computer (still warranted) stopped working. Dead. Nada.  So, I called Lenovo and they said Geek Squad was now their official repair service and I should take my machine to the nearest Best Buy, which is in Grandville, Michigan, a few miles from my home. I wanted to take my computer to Just Smart Guys, in Wyoming, Michigan, because that’s where I always take my electronics and they do a great job. No, said Lenovo, it had to go to Geek Squad.

With the job number that the Lenovo guy in Pakistan gave me, I took my machine to the Geek Squad, as instructed. They agreed the device was dead and said it had to be shipped to their repair facility in North Carolina. They asked me if I wanted to have them back up my hard drive and I told them yes, and paid their service fee of $100, plus $50 for an external hard drive, even though I usually back-up my stuff on the cloud, but wasn’t sure exactly when I had last done so. I am writing my third prison book and wanted to make sure I had everything.

Geek Squad allows customers to track their repairs on-line like you would track a UPS package, so after five days I called and asked them why my computer had not yet left their Granville office. They told me that there was a stripped screw in the case and they had to drill it out and needed my permission. I told them to go ahead as long as it didn’t do more damage to the machine. Three more days and the computer still hadn’t left Grandville so I went to the Geek Squad office in person to find out why. I was told they didn’t have the Dremel tool needed to do the job. I pointed out to them that across the parking lot from their office was located a Home Depot where I’m sure they could get what was needed. The Geek Squad manager said he would make sure they got the tool that day and that my machine would be shipped before close of business.

True to the manager’s word, the next day the on-line tracking indicated my computer was shipped as promised.

A week later I got a phone call from the tech assigned to repair my computer. She said that the hard drive was fine but the mother board was shot. She assured me that as soon as she got the warranty go-head from Lenovo, she would order the parts and fix my machine. Another week went by and I got an e-mail from my tech saying Lenovo maintains they never sold me my computer, and asked if I could provide proof of purchase. In a return e-mail I sent her the receipt, plus copies of e-mails from Lenovo thanking me for my purchase and welcoming me to their family (whatever that meant). Another four days go by and my tech calls me and says that Lenovo finally approved the warranty repair and that the problem was the guy who received my computer in Grandville had put the wrong model/serial number on the paperwork. She then said she ordered the parts.

Another week goes by and I hear nothing about the repair, so I e-mailed my tech. She called me on the phone and said she was having trouble getting the parts from Lenovo, and by-the-way did I open the machine myself? I told her no I didn’t open the machine because I knew doing so would void the warranty, why do you ask? She said somebody drilled a hole in my computer and drilled right through some internal parts. I explained that the Geek Squad guys in Grandville did the drilling. She said she had to order more parts to repair the damage that was done.

Yet another week passes and I have heard nothing on the repair, so I e-mailed my tech. She informs me she can’t get parts and will proceed to junk my machine (“junk” being Geek Squads official term for all is lost), and that I would be reimbursed the entire amount of the cost of the machine.

I went to the Grandville Best Buy Geek Squad office to get my reimbursement and while there I asked for the external hard drive that was used to back-up my computer. They gave me the hard drive and when I got home I opened it and there was nothing on it. I called Geek Squad and explained the problem and the guy told me I probably wasn’t opening the hard drive properly (I bit my tongue when I had the urge to tell them to stick the hard drive up their collective asses) but that in any event they back-up all their work so my original hard drive contents could be retrieved from their server. They told me to bring the hard drive in and they would show me how to open it. I went back to Geek Squad and they opened the hard drive, and sure enough there was nothing on it. They checked their server and told me that so much time had passed since I originally brought my machine in that they had purged their server.

I asked why my computer’s hard drive wasn’t backed-up in the first place and was told it was but there must be something wrong with the brand new external hard drive. I asked the Geek Squader to again open the external hard drive and transfer a document, any document, onto it to see if the drive worked. The Geek Squader said (and I quote): “Let’s not go there. Here’s your $150 back”.

About a week later I was having lunch with a friend, a recently retired IT guy who had worked at Grand Valley State University, and told him my story of woe. He said GVSU had always had a contract with Dell for its computers but had switched to Lenovo, but had to switch back to Dell because they couldn’t get parts from Lenovo.

I now have a new Dell Inspiron 17 7000 series and love it. And oh, yes, Geek Squad will never get their fucking hands on this computer.



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