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I used to be a prison warden and my wife Nell was a medical social worker. When I retired from the Michigan Department of Corrections Nell and I traveled the world. We saw and learned and took a lot of photographs. Nell is a quilter and sells her stuff at art markets and craft fairs, and now on the internet. Part of me always wanted to be a writer, so when I finally had the time I took writing courses at Grand Valley State University, which has a fine program staffed by excellent faculty who taught me how to write.


The photos on this site are intended to entertain you and are available for purchase. When you buy a photo you also buy the non-exclusive rights to do with it as you will. All my photos are $10.00 and what you get is a high resolution digital download without the copyright watermark. For a hard copy, mailed to you, I use a service called Pwinty; they do very good work and what you get is a final product ready to frame. If you can’t afford the cost of a photo, but must have it to use in a worthwhile project, please contact me and we can likely work something out.


I write stories, novellas, and books and self-publish them on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. I tried going the traditional route of working with agents/publishers but found that takes a long time; though in very good health, I am too old to waste the years I have left dealing with people who take months to respond. I don’t write for the money because I don't need to, which is why I offer my stuff cheap. I enjoy writing (though I don’t think I have ever done something as lonely) but also find it is something I must do: writing gives my life meaning and since I'm a semi-recluse so writing is a perfect fit. If you don’t have an e-reader and want one of my written pieces, and don’t want to download a free Kindle app. onto your computer or tablet, mail me a dollar and I’ll email you the piece as a Microsoft Word document. Send me your comments about my writing. Most advice helps and I have learned to sort out bullshit.


I blog about travel, politics (fair warning: I am Liberal), family (particularly my Grandson Andrew), and just about anything that comes to mind that moves me enough to say something publicly.  I invite well-reasoned comments presented in a civil manner, even if the comments are in opposition to my thoughts. Otherwise, I am not interested in people’s ranting and ask that they don’t waste my time.

Nell’s Site, Things Quilted:

Located on the right side of this site’s top navigation bar is a button that takes you to Nell’s site. She does great work and her work is reasonably priced and in demand. Everything is handmade and no two items are the same. In addition, Nell offers patterns and sewing tips. I promise you that a visit to Things Quilted will make you feel better.

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