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Masi Market Women
Masi women sell their crafts at markets throughout Tanzania. This woman worked at an outdoor market ..
Masi Woman-2
The beauty of Africa is apparent in this charming portrait.   ..
Zanzibar Fishmonger
Zanzibar Town has a daily fish market. Women staff most of the stalls.   ..
    African Bush Airstrip Duty Free Shop-2
African Baker in Arusha, Tanzania
African Baker in Arusha, Tanzania ..
African Bush Airstrip Duty Free Shop-1
Our plane had to make a low level pass over the grass airstip to chase off the animals before it lan..
African Farmer
African Farmer pulling forage cart. ..
African Gift Shop Clerk, Arusa, Tanzania
This young girl ran a gift shop in Arusha, Tanzania. She wanted to buy my camera. ..
African Masai Boys
These Masai boys had recently undergone the circumcision rite of passage into manhood. ..
African Masai Warrior-2
We went on a day long hike with this Masai Warrior ..
African Masai Woman-1
Masai woman in Arusha, Tanzania Masai craft market. ..
Arusha, Tanzania Brick Works-1
On the way fron Arusha to the Ngorongoro Crater we passed a brick works and stopped to talk to the w..
Arusha, Tanzania Brick Works-2
A day at the brick works: hot brutal labor, yet the workers were welcoming and took the time to expl..
Building a Dhow-1
In Zanzibar dhows are build by hand using hand powered tools. This man is using a handpowered drill...
Building a Dhow-2
The planks for this dhow are being hand hewn. I asked how long it would take to build the dhow and t..
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